Comprehensive Eye Exam, Spring Valley, NV 

The importance of getting regular eye exams cannot be overstated. If you wear contact lenses or eyeglasses, regular eye exams are required to assess your vision and to update your prescription if necessary.

However, there’s much more to a comprehensive eye exam than eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions. In the early stages, many eye diseases do not show any symptoms, and a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to identify them.

What to Expect at a Comprehensive Eye Exam near Spring Valley, NV

During a routine eye exam, Dr. Ellen Merkin conducts a variety of vision and eye health exams to make sure she understands your eye health completely. She will perform a comprehensive eye exam to determine whether vision correction is necessary and to detect eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and more.

Our office uses the latest technology to better serve our patients in Spring Valley, NV and the surrounding areas. One technology we use is the Optomap retinal exam, which ensures the accurate detection of eye diseases and the highest quality of care. After your eye exam, Dr. Ellen Merkin will diagnose any issues and develop a treatment plan or management plan specifically tailored for you.

Patient History

Dr. Ellen Merkin will ask about any vision or eye health problems you may be experiencing, your overall health, your current medications, and any work-related or environmental factors that may impact your vision and eye health. She will also ask about your family history of eye diseases, as some eye diseases have a genetic component.

Visual Acuity

Using the Snellen chart, Dr. Ellen Merkin will measure your visual acuity, or clarity or sharpness of vision, at a distance of 20 feet.


The refraction test determines if you have a refractive error in your vision, causing you to have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Eye Focusing, Teaming, and Alignment Testing

For you to have clear vision, your eyes need to be able to change focus and work well as a unit. Dr. Ellen Merkin will evaluate your binocular vision and ocular motility to determine whether your eyes are functioning as a team. This examination can reveal any issues that might be impeding your eyes’ ability to focus correctly or make it more challenging to use both eyes simultaneously.

Eye Health Evaluation

During your eye exam, Dr. Ellen Merkin will use a microscope and other devices to assess the health of your eyes. She may also need to dilate your pupils so she can see the internal structures of your eyes. She will be able to check your eye pressure and detect any ocular or systemic disorders.

Upon completing the eye exam, Dr. Ellen Merkin will provide you with a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses if you require them to see clearly. She will also talk to you about any vision or eye health issues that were identified during the comprehensive eye exam.

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How long has it been since your last eye exam? If it has been over a year, now is the time to see an eye doctor. Comprehensive eye exams are an important part of healthcare for people of all ages, including babies, children, adults, and seniors, so don’t hesitate to schedule yours!

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