Specialty Contact Lenses Las Vegas, NV

If you have been diagnosed with keratoconus, have severe dry eye, sustained ocular trauma due to infection or injury, or have had eye surgery that makes it hard for regular contact lenses to stay in place, then you may have been told in the past that you’re not a suitable candidate to wear traditional contact lenses.

If that’s the case, then specialty contact lenses could be a good alternative! Dr. Ellen Merkin is a contact lens specialist who fits people who have difficulty wearing regular contact lenses with specialty contact lenses that fit their unique eye health and vision needs.

What are Specialty Contact Lenses?   

Specialty contact lenses are designed for people who cannot wear standard contacts and can be used for various vision correction needs. The specific type of specialty contact lens a person needs will vary depending on their unique needs and eye health.

Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses    

Rigid gas permeable lenses, also known as RGP lenses, are firm, more durable than soft contact lenses, and provide sharper vision correction. When properly cared for, they can last up to one year. A downside to rigid gas permeable lenses is that they can be difficult to adapt to for those new to wearing contact lenses.  

Scleral Contact Lenses   

Scleral contacts are largediameter gas permeable contact lenses specially designed to vault over the entire corneal surface and rest on the sclera, otherwise known as the “white” of the eye. In doing so, scleral lenses functionally replace the irregular cornea with a perfectly smooth optical surface to correct vision problems caused by keratoconus and other corneal irregularities.

Scleral lenses can be a solution to address issues that may make wearing conventional or regular contact lenses impossible. They can also be customized as bifocal lenses to accommodate your visual needs due to presbyopia.

Fitting for Specialty Contact Lenses

A trained professional can help you determine what contact lenses you need. Dr. Ellen Merkin is experienced in not only determining what contacts are best for you but also in fitting for specialty contact lenses.

Dr. Merkin will perform a contact lens exam if you are interested in contact lenses. At this time, she will evaluate a range of metrics and eye health markers, including your cornea shape and size. At your eye exam, she will also address your corrective vision needs and the overall health of your eyes. After gathering the information needed to gain a better understanding of your eyes, she will offer recommendations on specialty contact lenses that may be right for you. If standard contact lenses are not an appropriate option for you, specialty contacts may be a good alternative.

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